From God’s heart to ours—Hogar de Niños Renacer

Mission Statement:

Friends of Renacer is an ecumenical support network for the children’s home and the connected the Christian school, which serves the community.  We are ministry of presence--praying, visiting, listening, encouraging and helping financially with special projects. We manage a scholarship fund for Renacer alumni interested in vocational or university education.

Our teams visit Renacer several times a year.  New team members are welcome to apply.

 Hogar Renacer means Home of Rebirth, and it is just that to the children who live there and the friends who visit.  Renacer of the projects supported by Asociación Brigadas de Amor Cristiano, Hogar Rencer is in turn supported by churches and individuals from many countries, including the United States, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.  

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