Looking forward through the rearview mirror

Kathy and I have been visiting Renacer for 14 years—a couple of times traveling there twice in the same year. When daughter Sarah and her now husband Dave were volunteering at Renacer I visited three times.

The “kinders” (youngest children our first trip) are graduating high school. For standard families high school graduation signals the coming empty nest. The nest is never empty at Renacer for its arms are always open to abandoned children—the latest deportees from the US border. 

As we have been working on our 30 for 30 campaign, and updating our resources and promotional materials, the legacy of our ministry of presence comes into clearer view. Roni Stiger and I count blessings together as we peruse photos and remenince experiences. God, who began this good work, IS seeing it to completion. We often get too caught up in the shortages and problems of the moment to look behind the scenes to see what God is doing.

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